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Because it's been a while.

Personal entries are locked. Web graphics are still open to the public, although they're pretty old now. (Who likes stale icons? Ew!)

Voice Post: I AM BOX GOD.

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“A reading of today's Pearls Before Swine. (I had to do it four times because I kept laughing.)”

Transcribed by: inshore

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Where are we standing?

Why should you watch Capital Scandal?

I've been disappointed with most Korean dramas even when they start off with different plots and settings, because at the very core of them, they're built with the same skeleton of a plot. As soon as a character walks in, I automatically know if it's going to be the clingy former female love interest or smug bachelor who participates in the nerve-grating, tiring love quadrangle. Even the main couple of a Korean drama won't even capture my interest because the guy is too hung up on his ex-girlfriend or he's just a jackass who knows the right things to say and do to make a girl cry. Either it's him or the girl who's too weak-hearted to defend herself in a mortifying situation.

stagnated was the one that first picked up the series. She was curious about it because Han Ji Min is one of her favorite actresses, and I just let her do her thing while I was reading Mars. However, within the first 10 minutes of the show, I dropped the manga and joined her because I was too distracted by THE EXCELLENCE of it. So hear me out.

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I'm sure you can find this series at jdramas, d-addicts, or Clubbox. stagnated got it via Clubbox, but I suck at working the thing. Anyone interested? At all?

Oh, question. Can someone look at this and tell me if the Japanese is backwards? I've been boggled about all the Japanese text ever since the characters started reading the "Shirachi" sign as "Chirashi" in episode one. Then after that episode, the translators changed it to "Jirashi." It seems fine when they read vertically, but horizontally? D:

Icon Post 006

After this post, I shall proceed on starting season 2 of TRICK. FWAHAHA. FUFUFU! HEHEHE. MWAHAHA. Man, I need a life. My step-brother ate some of my chocolate ice cream. I will NEVER forgive him.

Nodame Cantabile: 23

And they didn't have sex. WHY NOT?Collapse )

Taking icon requests for now. They won't be awesome-looking, but I'll try my best to actually make them. Oh... and if you do request, it'd be spiffy if you actually plan on using the icon I make. It's disheartening to work on something and not having it put to use, you know?

Icon Post 005

I had a bit of a TRICK marathon today. What sucks is that I have to wait three hours to actually begin watching the second season. (MEGAUPLOAD SUCKS. BOOHISS.) I'm so in love with Ueda and Naoko. ♥ Yay for flat breasts and big penises.

Nodame Cantabile: 11
X: 3

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Icon Post 004

I should really be doing homework on the last day of my holidays. Oh, so sad... but making 40 icons out of episode 2 of Nodame makes me feel a lot better. ♥

Nodame Cantabile: 40

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Icon Post 003

My greatest weakness with icons is that I'm too afraid to touch up pictures with real people in them. Sure, if it's anime or manga, I can massacre it with textures and brushes, but I'm just... too much of a fraidy cat to do anything to images of real people. I have to work on that. (D:) I blame atsumi for my newfound obsession with this series, as it is eating up my soul with the non-couple love.

I present to you... 27 boring Nodame Cantabile icons. A lot of them are just of Chiaki or Chiaki/Nodame. Well, the Chiaki/Nodame ones I just kind of capped at a certain scene to make them seem more loving than they really are. *sneaky eyes*

Nodame Cantabile: 27

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Icon Post 002

This whole post is pretty much for catiechu, who introduced me to Isaia's awesome art. Don't usually do icons for fanart but I asked Isaia for permission to use some of hers and she said that as long as I credit, it would be okay. I hate using fanart sometimes because I feel like I'm destroying the prettiness. ;_;

Those of you on my friends list who don't watch Avatar? SHAME. ON. YOU. Kidding but it's really good. At least check out the original fanart because I honestly didn't do any of it justice in these 100 x 100 graphics. I feel inspired to paint in oriental style. ♥

Avatar: The Last Airbender: 15

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My favorite fanart of all? The young Roku in 12 and 13. Opened up the image in Photoshop and his hotness totally made PS crash momentarily. Enjoy. ♥ Oh, and it'd be very awesome if you linked Isaia's deviantART in your LJ icon comments. Please?

Icon Post 001

I guess graphic type stuff will be displayed publicly in this journal now. Most of the images are from chapter 83. The last few are just random Allen icons because he's hot like that.

D.Gray-man: 16

I want to live where soul meets bodyCollapse )

EDIT: Forgot to tell my story. While I was making icons, there was this annoying fly that circled around me every few minutes or so. Then... it WENT UP MY NOSE. EW. >:/ Stupid fly.

I need a shower

Guys, guess what I did?

I made an Allen mood theme!Collapse )

Here is where you can view them all and download the zip. The adminconsolescode.txt is included in the zip file. crackified has an awesome tutorial for uploading mood themes if you don't know how. This post is left public for anyone else who wants to use it.

Maybe I'll make an Avatar one next. XD!

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